Brian Medernach and Antoinette Lullo

Brian and Antoinette are physicians born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. They met while Brian was in medical school at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine and Antoinette was a Family Medicine Resident at Cook County Hospital.  Three years later, they were married. Antoinette had graduated medical school from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and after Family Medicine Residency at the Cook County-Loyola-Provident, she completed a Maternal Child Health Fellowship at West Suburban Hospital. She currently works for PCC Community Wellness Center on Chicago’s Northwest side and trains fellows, residents and students in family medicine and obstetrics at West Suburban Hospital. After medical school Brian stayed at Loyola and completed a combined residency program in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Brian currently is working in the Hines VA emergency department until the couple leaves for Peru in 2012.

The Medernach's
Cathy,Eric,Caden & Henry,us,Gloria,Gregg,Jon,and Andrea
Our first influences were our families, of course. Brian is the second of four children, born to Gregg and Gloria Medernach. From childhood he learned the importance of hard work and service. It was their work as a surgical tech and nurse in the medical field that influenced his decision to pursue medicine. Toni is the oldest of five, born to Michael and Linda Lullo. With their example of kindness, generosity, positive outlook and leadership she felt called to work in Family Medicine, in service to all generations. 

Our first exposures to local community service opened our eyes to social justice and the glaring inequalities that exist in our own communities. Over the years, we have participated in several International Medical Missions with groups such as Loyola International Service Immersion, DO Care, and PCC Global Health Initiative. Our Missions have taken us as far as Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Rwanda and Malawi.  These experiences have opened our hearts and minds, and have strengthened our call to serve those in need. While we have strived to do this on a local level, we know something bigger is in store for us. We will partner with the people of Peru, treading lightly with a spirit of openness and compassion.
 The Lullo Family
Linda+Mike=Antoinette, Deanna, Colette, Mike, Nicky
And Papa, Bets, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Sofia and Mikey of course!
So why Peru? We had heard about Santa Clotilde Mission from our Peruvian friend and coworker Blanca Baldoceda, and other friends from Loyola who had been to Peru as visitors. After having thought and prayed about where in the world life would take us, we were blessed to run into Fr. Jack in the fall of 2010. He described to us what life in the Amazon Basin was like, and emphasized the specific needs of the Santa Clotilde Clinic and Community. We were eager to learn more, and discovered that the community needs matched up perfectly with what our talents and training were able to provide.  He asked, “Why don’t you come to Peru?” You may think it’s the hot humid conditions or to advance our entomology knowledge, but this is not the case.  We are excited for the next step in our lives and the grateful for chance to live and work in solidarity with the people of Santa Clotilde.

Father-Doctor Jack McCarthy

Father Jack McCarthy has been a key figure in Santa Clotilde since 1986. He was born in Wisconsin and is an avid sports fan who enjoys hockey and football. After high school, he turned down offers to go to medical school, and instead joined the Norbertine Priests. Once his religious training was complete, he taught high school chemistry for 5 years. After much discernment, he decided to follow his childhood dream to become a missionary doctor. He asked the abbot for permission to re-apply to medical school, and his wish was granted. He completed medical school at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine and after his Indian work Visa was denied, he had an offer to go to Peru “for one year.”  Twenty-five years later, with Fr. Maurice at his side, they have brought health care justice to the poor and indigenous of Northeastern Peru. Toni and I hope to carry on this work through the gracious support of family and friends.