Thursday January 26th. While we await the paperwork for our entry into the colegio de medicos (College of physicians) we are getting to know the city of Lima as well as the key people we will be working with in helping organize patient care and creating a sustainable system under the organization of Pango. Silvana Lee the accountant, Jorge Bravo the lawyer, Padres Jack and Moe, and Brian and I had a debriefing/strategic planning meeting for 6 hours. We discussed the past, present and future of PANGO- the civil association under which Centro de Salud Santa Clotilde (CSSC) runs. The Vicariate- a juristiction of the Catholic church in our missionary region (Iquitos) and the Peruvian Ministry of Health have historically supported CSSC. On November 9, 2010 PANGO- a non profit civil association was formed. The objectives of PANGO are to sustain and maintain the present level of service at CSSC and its associated health posts, to search for opportunities to improve and expand health servcies, to offer participation and training to national and foreign health professionals, and to develop strategic alliances with persons and institutions with common goals nationally and internationally. PANGO is the future of Santa Clotilde. PANGO is necessary because when Padre Jack retires, his and Padre Moe's amazing work of 27 years must be carried on, over 100 villages are depending on it.

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