Our new puppy

As most of you know Antoinette never wanted to get a dog or any animal for that matter. However, since being in Peru she has grown accustomed to all the animals around, namely the pregnant cat Sabrina, several dogs and roosters. It was even at the point where she made a small little area for the cat to sleep on and left out a bowl of milk for her at night. Antoinette even thought about raising one of the kittens. Sabrina delivered over a week ago but we have not seen a trace of any of the kittens. Our friend Victor Hugo had a litter of 10 puppies from his dog China a mix between a pit bull and german shepard. When I asked if we could have one he said sure, even though he thought about keeping a male dog that could go hunting with him, he was happy to give us one of the puppies. When Antoinette went up river this month for 10 days (Victor went as well) I thought it was a good time to retrieve our puppy. He was about 6 weeks at the time, which is usually a little early to take away from mom, but his mom still wandered around at night and he would latch on 2-3 times a day to feed from her. He whined at night and liked to poop on the floors, but if I let him out enough he did not have any issues. He sleeps on our patio now and is growing well. I de-wormed him once with the pills hidden in a piece of hot dog. When Antoinette arrived she was happy to play with our cute happy little puppy, however I am still relegated to doggy dookie duty.
We named him Wookie (still not sure about the spelling), which is a word in the local Kichwa language that means brother or friend. When I asked my nephews Caden and Henry via skype what should we name hime, they came up with River Monkey, so that is what he is referred to back home. All the locals seem to think Wookie is a great name, and he will wander around the hospital and clinic when we are done seeing patients in the afternoon. The staff and patients are getting to know him and the kids love playing with him.

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