Happy 4th of July

Homemade pumpkin pie by Liz for 4th of July and Nathan's Birthday
And Happy Birthday Nathan!! Nathan is 30 years old today! He was first here at Centro de Salud Santa Clotilde as a patient 6 years ago. He was traveling on a boat from Ecuador Iquitos and was blinded by a terribly eye infection. He made it by boat to our port and was guided by staff to the hospital where diligent care with antibiotic eye drops restored his vision. As a thank you, his mother Katherine Kaplan, an OB/Gyne and his father Dan Schenkman a veterinarian have volunteered here with many of their doctor friends every spring. Nathan we were in search of translators for the big International Medical Relief health fair that takes place at the end of this month. He agreed to come and translate for us... and to spend a few extra weeks helping out.

Nathan lives on a farm in North Carolina. He raises chickens for eggs, grows in own food in a big garden, tends to many fruit trees, and also happens to be an amazing chef! He has been cooking delicious dinners for us daily. Nathan goes with the flow, doesn't get riled up, is a really hard worker and always jumps in were needed. He sat with our staff last night telling jokes until the power went out.
He is respectful, energetic and great to have as a housemate. We're trying to convince him to stay here, but he has strong aspirations to go to medical school, where I know he'll succeed in all respects!

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