Hormiga Curuwinsi

Miguelina: Yes, doctor. My husband eats them fried
Toni: But don't the legs get stuck in his teeth?
Miguelina: (with a confused look on her face) I don't eat them but my husband does
Toni: Oh... so you pull off the legs first?
Miguelina: Yes

Jose, Miguelina's son, walks up to us, looks at me, smiles, looks at the fan covered in bugs and says "Oh, you already pulled the heads off". Then pulls off the back segment, pops it in his mouth, squeezes out the juice, and spits out the exoskeleton. Nonchalantly followed by...]
Jose: You want one doctor?
Toni: hhmmm. Jungle protein? I thought to myself... our dads did just bring us 20 packets of dental floss...

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