Masato + naive stomach =

Victor Hugo sharing Masato with Carolyn (boiled, chewed, spit out, fermented yucca, shared by family, neighbors, friends, and strangers that sustains workers in the fields and families in their stilted houses. It's a food staple and ancestral tradition of communion).

Carolyn is a 4th year medical student from Loyola who is rotating with us for the month. She has done an amazing job on both inpatient, outpatient, and making fudge and pancakes!
Judith, one of our many fantastic nurse technicians and good friend, starting an IV on Carolyn the next day. Apparently Masato along with many other factors including a new diet, the extreme heat, and endemic parasites are a lot to handle all at once. Thanks to Judith, 0.9% Normal saline, and a fan, we saw a dramatic recovery within hours and Carolyn was back to work the very next morning!

Thanks to Carolyn for her hard work all month!

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