Patient list

Patient diagnosis list:

Femur Fracture, shoulder subluxation, back contusion. Put in traction 18 yrs
Greenstick fracture-reduced and casted today
Hip fracture for the third time in the same place, elderly lady already has a pin
Hematogenous Osteomyolitis with pneumonia and big liver in 11 yr old
Tumor on rib cage with empyema in lung and very loud heart murmur
Broken nose, his wife hit him
Nephrotic Syndrome- 2 yrs old on steroids.
Glomerulonephritis- pray it's post-strep. he only urinated 10ml today
Tuberculosis- sputum finally negative
Tuberculosis- sputum still positive
Bacterial Diarrhea
Head laceration-stitched up
Miscarriage with severe hemorrhage, D&C and blood transfusion (9 hr boat ride to get here)
Ulcer on hip after stroke
Pressure ulcer for almost 2 years... it won't heal.
Schizophrenia- seeing ghosts at night and voices

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