Dirty Water

We discovered that all the water here in Santa Clotilde is contaminated with bacteria/parasites that are resistant to boiling. All our patients and staff have been drinking this contaminated water. We are hoping to get a water purification system to keep the town healthy. In the meantime, we'll take our anti parasitic pills and hope that the heavy metal levels in hair/fish/water are shared with us once they are processed.
1. Bacteria- Who's been pooping in the water?
2. Parasites- roundworm ascaris, hookworm necator, whipworm trichuris, threadworm strongyloides, tapeworm hymenoleptis
3. Protozoa- giardia, entamoeba
4. Mercury- due to gold mining upriver, contaminating and harming our kids... think twice before you ask for gold for christmas, because looking pretty may not be worth the devastating environmental impact here. The difficulty is that mining brings a lot of business and jobs to our communities, and with out many would go out of business.
5. Lead- also affected by gold mining... is this why are kids have belly aches, anemia, and are not growing? or is it the parasites and malnutrition?

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