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Rabbits Sachavaca

Overall the food in Peru is pretty tasty, however the regional taste is quite different from other parts of Peru. The reason being is that they mostly live off the land and hunt animals in the jungle and eat the meat or “carne del monte.” We have eaten quite a bit of new foods which Antoinette has blogged and shown pictures of in the past. On my way back from Angoteros last week I had "tortuga" or turtle for the first time. It was in a stew with potatoes and carrots and was quite delicious and served over rice of course. Most meals have white rice as part of the course but I wanted to run through some of the stuff we have eatensince we’ve arrived.

“Pollo regional”, local chicken, the kind that is crowing and wakes you up at 5am, then you eat it for lunch, very good and way better than the steroid, antibiotic filled chicken we eat back home. “Conejo”, rabbit, our friend Lucio who is originally from the south prepped 2 deep fried rabbits as it is their traditional food, they were the tastiest treat yet; although the claws and all were cooked and it looked a little scary. Antoinette had the pleasure of eating “Mahas”, which I’d say like a large guinea pig, some people have them as pets. “Sachavaca” which is a wild pig in the jungle, very tender meat. People do eat monkey further up river and also macaws (Fr. Jack says nothing like a $5000 lunch-which is what they would sell for in the US at a pet store.) There is a variety of fruits and veggies. They have yucca, one of their staple foods, which is a large root veggie similar in appearance and taste to a potato. Carrots, onions, pepino (cucumber), aji (pepper) both picante y dulce (hot and sweet). There is an avocado tree outside our meeting room, but still not quite ripe. Outside of our house is a guava tree and papaya. Overall a neat, new and delicious selection of food, the main thing lacking is green veggies like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc because it is too hot and humid, and they get moldy.


24 March 2012

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