First birth "en cuclillas"

In the corner of our new birthing room, Edith en cuclillas (on her knees) and her husband supporting her from behind, delivered her seventh child, endearingly named Mick Brian. Most women on the Napo deliver at home, like Edith had done with her first 6 children. She was only 36 weeks pregnant and had been contracting for over 24 hours when I met her. She mentioned how nervous she was because with her other children, she had pains for only 30 minutes before they delivered. Something was different. I brought her back to the hospital with me for an ultrasound and to monitor the baby. Her birth plan mentioned that she wanted to deliver her baby while kneeling, and I although we had not done so before, I wanted to accommodate her wishes. We put some blankets on the floor, and although the labor room was very bright, large, and full of people (unlike her small, dark, wood one room house), she had a good birth experience. How could we improve on this and make births here more enticing and culturally comfortable for high-risk women? Edith, Mick Brian, and "big" sister Kimberly.

Momma decided that 6 kids are enough (one miscarriage and one died of pneumonia) and begged for a tubal ligation. Luckily Drs. Katherine Kaplan and Joe Welter, OB/Gyne's, were here and we did her tubal together. She was discharged two days later with a big smile on her face, husband and Kimberly at her side, and baby in arms. I love happy endings :)

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