6th Grade Graduation

Happy 6th Grade Graduation! The largest class of 102 kids graduated on December 9th. All graduates wore elegant ivory dresses with fancy silver heels or white shirts and a tie. For the ceremony, all the females are paired up with a male and they danced together the entire evening. They have "fill-ins" if there is an uneven number of males and females, and these kids wear different color dresses or shirts. There was a "godfather" of the ceremony, a doctor from the city, who financially supported the party. The kids desks and chairs were pulled out onto the sidewalk between two school    buildings and they were all dressed with white tablecloths. Families chose a table as they arrived. Each family brought their own pitcher and cups and filled up with juice in the kitchen before the plate of chicken, rice, potatoes, and olives were served. Each table also received a couple bottles of soda and beer, and then for dessert a "brindis", or alcoholic toast with coffee, milk, sugar, and aguardiente (local potent sugar-cane alcohol that tastes a little like tequila).  Seeing adults sit on little chairs with little desks made me laugh, but that is how things are done here. While graduates' names were being called, they stood in two lines of partners and advanced over the sidewalk dividing the grass. Meanwhile, the "security guards" were chasing down dogs who snuck in to the party to kick them out. Wawki (our dog) managed to get in a couple times but was quickly hunted down. Dinner was followed by disco lights and really loud music, and almost everyone danced. I showed some of my american moved and had everyone laughing. Brian and I were invited by Victor Hugo and Leynis who's son Victor was graduating. We knew that of people and had a really fun time dancing and sharing stories. The festivities lasted six hours, but we didn't make it to the end and headed home. 

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