Extermination Team

Last night the lights went out at 11pm and I laid down in the pitch black call room, and I heard something flapping.. a bug.. but it was pretty far away. Then I heard it above the bed, high up close to the ceiling. So I covered my head with the sheet and just tried to sleep. But then it got REALLY close, and as much as I just wanted to sleep, I freaked out and threw the sheet off me and ran out of the room.

I ran into the laundry room where the two nurses and the night watchman Leonario were, and I told them that I was just going to sleep upstairs in my house... it's literally a minute away if you run up the  forty steps. Intead of conceding and being okay with me going home, they all stood up, armed themselves with their flashlights, and the extermination team marched to the call room. There it was, this sort of pretty brown spotted butterfly on the wall next to the bed. Leonario dutifully walked over and squished it with a stick, and it fell to the ground. Then I went to bed and slept peacefully until I was needed again in the hospital.

1 Dec 12

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