Mame is a fruit that blooms three times a year, and we're currently in the middle of a harvest. The world smells just like an apple orchard in autumn right now because we have three expansive Mame trees between clinic and our home. The fruit falls and starts to compose and smells just like cider. Kids are as agile as little monkies and climb the trees, managing to avoid getting bit by the colonies of ants that have made the trees their home. They down fruit by the dozens. The fruit makes great jam and another dish that tastes like apple pie filling, complete with clove and cinnamon. The fruit itself taste a bit like a washed out, cottony apple, but pleasant when chilled on hot day. All the little kids waiting in clinic chew on Mame that has fallen from the tree, and if they always ask permission to take mame or mango or papaya that grows nearby. They are very considerate and very happy to fill their bellies with such yummy God given goodies!

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