Dont Pee in the Water

So apparently, there is this little skinny fish that is attracted to warmth. If you pee, it flows up the stream of pee into your bladder. Monet and I were wishing someone had warned us... after a long boat ride, masato, and beer. We went to huiririma where the family of colette and mosolo (lab techs) live to swim and chat. I returned and asked Padre Jack what the treatment was. He told the story of a woman who came in last month who was pregnant and felt something moving in her bladder. The ultrasound confirmed that is was indeed a fish in there! They put a foley in and then pulled it out the next day. Soon after, she pushed a 4 inch fish out of her urethra. Another man had a fish skeleton removed from his bladder after having lots of bleeding. We were not reassured after his stories, although he says it would have been very painful had a fish swam into our bladders. Then, serendipitously, a 2 year old child came in and her mom said that something had swam up here.... Let's hope we got lucky!

On an better note, we sat with a family in their house on stilts and chatted, and they shared sugar cane, coconuts, limon, and masato with us. We then swam and took a canoe down river. It was surreal to be in the middle of dense foliage, with the sun lighting up the sky under a layer of clouds. We laughed and chatted about the Ob/Gyne, Rheumatologist, and Ophthomologist coming to town next week. All in all a great little outing.

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  1. I saw this on Grey's Anatomy and didn't believe it was real! Wow!