Sapo y Scabies

The day has come that tiny little ants are recognized as an extra source of protein. They are no longer feared or loathed as the ruiners of food. Just dust off what you can and take a bite. I discovered that the itchy annoying bumps all over my body are not mosquito bites but actually scabies, which was generously shared by one of our patients. The relationship I have with scabies is not symbiotic, to say the least.

I spotted a creature scurrying up our outside wall from the corner of my eye. I was a bit startled, as I just finished a photo shoot with the biggest cockroach I have seen in my entire life. It was not another cockroach, but instead turned out to be the cutest little frog! It wasn’t bright enough green or yellow or blue to be a poison dart frog, but I still decided not to pick it up and play with it. The wildlife is wonderful here!

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