After just three weeks in Santa Clotilde, we traveled back to Iquitos, the “big” city. We are here to meet with director of the ministry of health to plan for International Medical Relief’s (IMR) medical mission in July to the Napo river. We were introduced to this organization though Bob Para, a friend of Colette’s. IMR is a group dedicated to working with underserved populations around the globe, and we are humbled and grateful for their willingness to share time and resources with our communities on the Napo River! They plan to bring a group of about 25+ people including docs, nurses, a dentist, and others and spend over a week some of Peru’s most rural, impoverished areas. A lot of planning will go into this extraordinary, unprecedented event! Starting next month we will visit some of the larger communities to discuss and plan for the arrival of IMR’s medical team. We are in the process of looking for english to spanish translators, so if you know anyone interested in translating, email me and we'll coordinate!

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