Laura and Allison, aye

Juan Jon, the Medical Director and our friend and neighbor is going to Angoterros, a small village upriver, tomorrow morning. Money was donated to build a new health post, and he will be there to see patients, supervise the construction, and work with the local health promoter and medical technician. Our call schedule would be tight, but we are lucky to have Allison and Laura, two fantastic family physicians from Canada who are spending a month with us. They are taking call in the hospital and seeing clinic patients and learning Spanish and studying for boards. Allison and I stopped in see our two-year-old patient with Malaria falciparum with secondary glomerulonephritis. She was laying in bed hooked up to her IV, bored and unhappy with how distended her belly was. Allison started playing peek-a-boo with her, and she was transformed. She grew the biggest smile and was laughing our loud!


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