I'm 15 months old!

I'm working on my 7th tooth. I like to chew on my frozen teething ring for 2 minutes. Then I get bored and find other fun things to do, like play with spatulas and ladels or kick around the soccer ball.

Today I decided that my peaches and cheerios would taste much better if I were just half dressed. So I pulled my arm out of my shirt. To my surprise, they tasted just the same. Live and learn!
I LOVE to lay on the cool tile floor in the afternoon jungle heat. I stare for a while at the lightbulbs on the ceiling, then flip over and find tiny ants to squash with my extremely accurate pointer finger. I beat on my chest and pretend I'm a gorilla, or make elephant noises, or yell as loud as I can to remind mommy and daddy that I need all of their attention.