Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant at the Parish! All 10 communities put together a skit to two local Christmas carols. This group (along with a couple others) has a young girl carrying a LIVE baby Jesus. The kids were so enthusiastic and put a ton of work into this evening. As one of the judges, I has a front row seat. While I wanted to help this young girl support the baby's head a little better, I left that up to the parents who partook in the skit. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Tongue Growth

A 7 year old came in with this firm growth on her tongue, since birth. It's not painful but recently has gotten somewhat bigger. She also has a fullness under her left jaw since she was 3 months old. The mass is firm and looking close, clear fluid filled vesicles are evident. It seems to me to be lymphangioma circumscriptum, a cystic benign hamartoma of the lymphatic system. Any other ideas? We have worked with an amazing ENT from colorado who will be here in September and has agreed to remove it. Thank you Dr. King!

Brain Bleed

This 44 year old man came in to our hospital on Christmas day after falling backwards, hitting his head, and not waking up. He has a wonderful wife and five children, the younger of whom is 5 years old. He had pinpoint pupils, decreased reflexes, and only responded to strong sternal rub. He had course breath sounds and a fever. We evacuated him on a hydroplane with the diagnosis of brain trauma, skull fracture, and aspiration pneumonia. This is what we found on the CT scan hours after his arrival. That same night, the neurosurgeon on call put two bore holes in his occiput and drained the large white hemorrhage. He's recoveing well, talking, eating, and very stable. Thanks to all our staff and to Padres Jack and Moe for always going above and beyond to provide the best care for our patients! 

Guess the fruit

I was amazed to learn that this beautiful fruit growing an the bushes in front of the franciscan mission
is a cashew!! The nut is inside the green kidney looking structure on top, and the fruit is actually refreshing and juicy! One little cashew from each fruit helps me understand why they are so expensive!

Feliz navidad 2014

Charlie was unhappy and shaking with fear at this plastic Santa Clause! I don't blame him. We were at a Christmas party a few days before Christmas and he had the same terrified reaction to a santa pinyata that was pulled up and down as children swung at him. He's a bit sensitive past his 8pm bedtime.