Celebrating Uncle Al's Life

Uncle Al at dinner with us in May 2012

     This Saturday we received the unexpected news of the sudden death of our Uncle Al, my dad's brother. He was 71 and died suddenly in his home of a likely heart attack. This was such hard news to take especially being so far from family and friends. However, we move on, as he always said, "death is a part of life, and we never know when our time will come." He had a great outlook on life and after his retirement spent the last 20+ years serving at St. Rita's church, volunteering at the local homeless shelter, and starting his day at Denny's for breakfast. He put the Lord first and family second, not in words but in action. He always attended mass on Saturday evening, and he spent a great deal of time caring for our family members when they fell ill.

Our wedding June 2008
     Uncle Al was one of our biggest supporters of our work here in Santa Clotilde, not only financially but with words, prayers and love. He told us he was proud of our work and even bought a computer and tried to learn how to use it to try and stay in touch and read this blog. Prior to departuer to Peru, at a presentation by Padre Jack, he badgered Padre asking, "they will have a place to crap and shower with running water won't they?"  This was his personality, he wore his emotions on his sleeve and you knew his opinion. He always put others before himself. He will be missed, but we were all blessed to have great memories of Uncle Al. He was not a person to sit around and feel sorry about the sad times in life, but he would rather seize the moment and enjoy the present, so with his example we celebrate his life and all that he taught us. Thanks Unlce Al for all your love, support and most importantly your friendship.
We love you!
Brian and Antoinette

Jon's graduation in May 2012

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  1. Hi Bri-Bri & Toni~

    Sorry if this is a repeat... I don't think my first attempt went through. I just wanted to share a little something with you both. I was in Peru when my grandma passed away. It was difficult not being there for everything. But, if there's one thing I know about Uncle Al, it was that he was very proud of the work that the both of you were doing and he would want you to continue on with it. If it's a clear night, take the time to go out and look at the Southern Cross. Seeing that while I was gone made me realize that my grandma was around in a different way. It is something that is very special to me. Sending love to you both in Peru!