Play therapy

Dana was brought her by her grandmother, who raises her, after falling into a pot of very hot water. She was running near the pot, which was on the ground on an open flame, had a seizure, and fell into the pot of water. Luckily her grandma was there to pull her out and bring her for help. She had burned 20% of her body. Our nurses meticulously cleaned the wound daily and changed her dressings. Within two weeks, she was playing catch with a ballon and by three weeks, she was doing cartwheels!! She was initially shy and didn't talk much, but as she became comfortable with us, we would talk and laugh together, and do gymnastics, and run up stairs. We have no physical therapist, but a biomedical student named Oscar who is here visiting from Mexico took the initiative to start physical therapy with her. Playing is obviously the way to a child's heart, and play had helped her heal.
22 June 2012

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