Free Clinic Today!!

This Monday, July 2, is the 69th Anniversary of the formation of the town of Santa Clotilde. It revolves, surprisingly, around a huge soccer tournament of many teams from up and down the Napo river. To Brian's dismay, it takes place in our back yard, separated only by a wood fence which I'm pretty sure amplifies the sound of the play by play analyst on the loud scratchy speaker. There are festivities for five days straight. Last night was the señorita and mister Napo contest... like miss america on a smaller scale. The talk of the town this morning was that the señorita who won should NOT have won because she had on a mini-skirt instead of a gown and was NOT playing by the rules. There were also "traditional dances" with girls in traditional indigenous wear- a few strings and beads and feathers... and one even carried a live parrot as she danced. 

To celebrate here at the Centro de Salud and contribute to the celebration, Dr. Juan decided that for two days, all clinic visits would be free. The usual price is 2 soles ($0.75). Manolo our lab tech went to the soccer field and announced the free visits on the loud speaker. I could not believe how many people showed up and waited for hours just to save $0.75 cents. It speaks toward the amount of poverty in our community and the great need for services. 

Today we are celebrating with pizza... it's 10:23 pm and our first pizza is just coming out of the oven :) Brian made the dough by himself and did a great job... Mrs. Palermo would be proud! Black olive, onion, red pepper, tomato, and cheese! With fresh lemon squares that Liz and Paul made us for our anniversary ;) 
Tomorrow is a day off!!! That makes tonight a great night!!

30 June 2012

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