Hachet vs Wrist

He was a volunteer construction worker in his community of Sargento Lores. The hatchet had slipped from his hand and the blade landed on his right wrist. He arrived 30 minutes later with his hand wrapped in a blood soaked towel. We cleaned it, covered it in sterile gauze, and started antibiotics. Later, we brought him to the operating room to explore the wound. It turns out he cut three tendons on the top of his wrist- two that extend the hand, and one that extends the thumb. He can't bend his hand up and can barely move his finger. We closed the skin and in a couple days we'll go back in to repair the tendons and return function to his hand. Thanks so much to Doctor Joe Farber MD, Brian's long time friend, old roommate, and
orthopedic surgeon who was happy to take our consult!

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