Armadillo vs heel

Otoniel was walking through the jungle, heard a blast and felt a sharp pain inside his boot. Someone had set up an animal trap... a sawed off shot gun (armadillo) and he had tripped the wire and destroyed his foot. He arrived two days later after finally finding gasoline to fill the small motor on his little wooden boat. He arrived and the smell of rotting foot was evident from across the room. We pulled off all the dead tissue for days until the infection and smell finally subsided. There is a whole in the middle of his heel because the bullets destroyed the posterior part of his calcaneous (heel bone) and just left a hole full of bone marrow. The bone is visible and we are still pulling out ammunition. He'll need an X-ray and maybe calcaneous reconstruction? Any orthopods out there with open calcaneal fracture experience? It will need to heal from the inside out and he'll probably need surgery. We'll refer to the hospital in Iquitos next week.

10 Aug 2012

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