Breastfeeding Week!

Happy Breastfeeding Week! And nothing finishes off a week of parades and festivities like a breast feeding contest, right? Here we have 7 mothers with their babies less than 6 months suckling for the grand prize of a basket of food and goodies! All contestants must be exclusive breastfeeders (almost all women here are), be up to date on all their shots, have attended all their well child checks, and have the longest latch. Congratulation to Rosse, the young women in the red chair. Her baby was born here at the Centro de Salud by Cesarean Section for failure to dilate and maternal fever (chorioamnionitis) and fetal tachycardia. Rosse had Histiocytosis X and a splenectomy as a child, and without a spleen she has a weakened immunity she improved quickly with antibiotics. Obviously her and baby are doing very well and has won #1 Chuchutera in Santa Clotilde!

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