CBS News in Santa Clotilde

Cousin Mike Paluska CBS News Reporter and his friend and cameraman John arrived in full jungle gear. Their cameras were attached to them as they moved through the clinic, hospital, and operating room to capture the reality of the Napo River.

They understand that the good work done here for 50 years has been supported primarily by donations, and if we want to continue to provide quality care to the impoverished hard working people here, more needs to be done.

Cousin Mike survived despite jumping spiders, jungle meat, intense heat, cold showers, and being so far away from his number one girl.

Thank you Mike and John for all the hard work you put in this week and all the entertainment you provided! We can't wait to see the finished video!

8 August 12

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  1. It was great to spend time with EVERYONE!
    God Bless, Elise