This was her 11th pregnancy. She has 9 live children at home. She arrived this morning seizing and 36 weeks pregnant according to her sister-in-law. We gave her magnesium to stop her seizure and labetolol to lower her blood pressure, but she was is not urinating and her urine was almost pure blood. Her creatinine was 1.6, which is a sign of severe kidney damage.  We brought her to the delivery room and she delivered a beautiful little baby boy within an hour. The baby is still a bit floppy from the magnesium but I suspect he will do just fine. Mom is still a little disconnected after her three seizures and the magnesium, and her body is full of bruises from the natural healer trying to "suck" the bad spirits our after her first seizure. When she seized again, the family had enough sense to bring her in here to Centro de Salud Santa Clotilde. If they had not brought her in, she would have continued having seizures, suffered extreme brain damage, and put the baby's life on the line. Happy birthday and God bless you little boy!

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  1. HELLP? That's what I had, and that's what they said could have happened to me. Glad mom and baby are doing well! That's scary stuff!!